My name is Tiril! I'm 16 years old, panromantic, and asexual. I'm agender and use They/Them pronouns. I keep most memories from 2014, while Margo holds most of the trauma.

I'm a jackalope kemonomimi! I'm very interested in Japan and sociology and psychology. I love music, languages, cute things, and learning new things! I'm getting the hang of fronting more often, I hope I meet your acquaintance~ ^_^

In the inner world, I was born in Wales and spent some of my childhood in France. I was orphaned in America, then I became an active system member and our caretaker, Claire, adopted me. Everyone is like a sibling to me, especially Margo and Misa. If you ever wanna know more about the inside world of Friday's brain, I'm your go-to. I also love to make new friends! My twitter is @maki24kino!